Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Going to the Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne was an interesting experience. It was cool seeing the complete cycle on how the papers’ were made. I think my favorite part of the trip was seeing how they recycled the papers. One part I thought was a bit sad was them asking what kids are into these days. Generations are slowly starting to loose interest with paper-news since they can just look up an article on their phones now. “Our fans are dying of old age”- to quote one of the reporters there. I think to appeal to the younger generations, they can probably start a Snapchat and do “mini news stories.” Their stories can be full of 10 second long segments of fun and interesting things, going over it briefly. People my age sadly don’t have that long of an attention span. However, if we see a 10 second clip of say a fire in Laramie on a Snapchat story, we’ll be more motivated to read the paper to get the full picture.

These are some of the pictures taken while in the Wyoming tribune eagle

Focus and rule of thirds shot of some newspapers. This room included files of all the news stories over the past decades, and some were HUGE.
Viewpoint and leading lines shot of one of the machines. I took it from the window to get the full shot.
Focus and framing shot of a door behind a fence in one of the rooms.
Focus and background shot of some plants on a filing cabinet.
Balancing elements and establishing size shot of the stairs to the printing press. It’s three stories high!
Sorta scary focus and framing shot of the garbage room. I’m glad I didn’t drop my phone!


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Vedauwoo Photography

Vedauwoo Photos

These are some photos taken at vedauwoo near Laramie

warning: The first and last photos are pretty adorable. Viewer discretion is advised.

Vedauwoo was actually a lot of fun! Climbing up one of the mountains was surprisingly fun. Climbing back down, however… wasn’t too fun. I had trouble climbing back down because I thought I saw just going to fall down the steep rocks. It was a better trip than I thought it would be, though! This trip taught me to look at the world differently. Everywhere I looked I thought “what can be a photo?” It’s interesting to have a photography mindset when looking at nature.

(My favorite part of the trip was definitely the chipmunk)


This is a photo of a chipmunk we saw there, and it was so cute! I used texture and symmetry/patterns.
This is a photo of an old log I saw while at Vedauwoo. I used texture and color.
This is a photo of one of the mountains there from ground view. I used depth and color.
This is a photo of the trail we walked on with one of the mountains in the back. I used leading lines, color, and background.
This is a photo of one of the many interesting rock formations at Vedauwoo along with some trees. I used rule of thirds and framing.
This is a higher up shot of the mountains and rocks there, along with the bridge and some trees. In this I used depth, color, and viewpoint.
This is a picture of some flowers I saw there. I used focus, color, and background.
This is a photo of the bridge we saw there. One might ask: what is the point of this bridge? The answer: no one really knows. I used framing and background.
This is a ground shot of the mountain at Vedauwoo from far away. I used rule of thirds and viewpoint.
This is a the last photo I got at Vedauwoo. It’s a shot of a mountain, come flowers, and some trees. I used color, framing, and there’s also a bit of a leading line that the path to the right makes.


Bonus Chipmunk Photos

Look how small he is!
“Did someone say almonds?”

Nature Photos

Photography Day 1

I learned a lot about photography today. Namely that it’s a lot harder than it seems. There’s so many things that makes a photo come alive, and so many techniques photographers use. Color, framing, lighting, viewpoint, cropping, texture, and contrast are just some of the many composition tips that photographers use. So much skill and talent goes into a photographer’s work, and every picture is analyzed. However, out of every 1,000 photos one might take, only around five pictures actually turn out looking good. I chose my own personal top five photos I took today. I was really inspired by nature, and I liked the idea of using natural light.


Lighting from the suns rays, color with the grass counteracting the brown of the trees, and maybe some depth since some trees are in the forefront while some are in the back. This is just a picture of some trees in Prexy’s pasture.
Lighting from the sun, establishing size since the tree is much larger in comparison to the photographer, and viewpoint because the tree almost appears to be reaching the sky. Photo of the tree and sky.
Lighting with shadows and I tried to do texture with the tree and grass as well. Picture of a tree and the shadows it made.
Color, patterns on the building, and framing because the building is in between the two trees on the sides (My personal favorite photo I took today). Picture of one of the buildings at UWYO.
Depth because the building is behind the trees and a color contrast between the green trees and brown building. Photo of building and some trees.

HSI Initial Thoughts


This is my very first blog and I’m so excited to make more posts in the future. It’s actually classes such as this one that initially got me interested in HSI. When I heard about HSI from my close friends, I thought it was a fun and exciting way to see what college will be like, and possibly find out what I would like to do as a career. So far this idea has come true! It’s the 3rd day…ish of HSI and I’ve already met some amazing people, and I can tell I’m going to have a great time.

The nomination process upon coming here was pretty straightforward. My friends and I actually applied together, and even sent each other our essays to proofread. We worked together, which paid off in the end because we all managed to get in! We all wanted to participate in HSI for three reasons:

1) Experience what college will be like
2) find out more about a certain subject
3) have fun

I hope out HSI teaches me more about technology and the media, particularly from this class. I love technology so I want to figure out if I could maybe make a career out of something having to do with it. Classes like this will hopefully help me see what jobs there might be out there. I actually love things like photography and media studies. I also expect to learn a lot from the students around me. I don’t want them to teach me how to do math and stuff (though that would be cool). The people around me will hopefully teach me about different perspectives on things, and social skills. I hope to learn who I am here. I’m only a junior, yes, but I still haven’t figured out what I want to do yet. I hope that HSI could help me figure this out.

The HSI experience so far has been amazing. Everyone here has been so nice, and that’s not just the teachers and PCs. The people attending here along with me are all so accepting which is fantastic. This is not what I was expecting. I’m more of an introvert, but I’ve still already managed to make great friends.

There isn’t a lot about HSI that I’m NOT looking forward too. The main thing I’m not looking forward too though is Vedauvoo… I’m scared of heights so mountain climbing and hiking are difficult for me.


Upon Reading Past Students’ Blogs

When reading the past HSI students blogs, I felt the most insightful advice they gave was to be out there and social. I personally need to work on this, but hopefully I can overcome my shyness much like the kids previously did. The thing that surprised me about past students blogs is how sad they were upon leaving. Don’t get me wrong, HSI is great so far, but I’m not really attached to the people or this place yet. It’s interesting to see the last blog of people who have been here for the three weeks. I wonder: Will I end up feeling the same way upon leaving?


Well that’s about it! Thanks for reading!

Small park near the train depot we have in town.


Downtown Rawlins